The "Metronator Xtreme Machine"started out as a stock 1956 Nash Metropolitan which was acquired from a gentleman by the name of "Moe" in Escandito, California.  I told Moe if he sold me the car I promised to make it something he would always be proud of.  I purchased the car for $50.00 and brought it home and started removing everything.  Once the car was a shell, I had it completely sandblasted and was mounted on a custom car dolly that I had designed.  Soon after measurements were taken to start the design for the tube chassis.  The chassis started to take shape as two custom frame rails with a custom designed, canlivered rear suspension and a custom Mark Williams front axle assembly was introduced. 

                                                                                                                             A plastic big block Chevy  motor with                                                                                                                               a earlier Pro / Stock intake manifolds                                                                                                                            empty transmission case was used                                                                                                                              to establish the locations for the front and rear motor plates. Roll cage was desiged, along with all mounts, Transmission, steering, fuel tanls, rearend, wheelie bars, headers, seats, gauges etc.  After all item mounted and checked the chassis was disassembled and sent to powder coating and the body was sent to Paint & Place for all custom body and paint work.  The motor was sent to BEP Performace, Orange Californin for Alan to build.  As everythingwas completd this is what it looked like during and after final assembly.                                                                                       

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