Bearing test with

High Grade Motor

Oil failed at 4,000 psi. ---------

---BEARING TEST with same High Grade Motor Oil and ProOne - ENGINE LIFE TREATMENT added at 10% per volume, achieved over 200,000 psi. WOW!

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ProOne Engine Life Treatment Demo

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Because of 

"ProOne"  Extreme Pressure XPL+ Lubrication Technology


"Uses Only

ProOne  Products"

Component      Products Used                                  

Engine:                   ProOne - Engine Life Treatment

                                ProOne - Heavy Duty Stablizer                                                     OEM 20-50wt High Grade Engine Oil

Blower:                   ProOne - Engine Life Treatment        

Injector & Pump:   ProOne XP-101 Penetrating Lubricant

Transmission:         ProOne - Hydraulic Treatment

                                OEM - High Grade Oil   

Rearend:                 ProOne - Industrial Oil Concentrate                                             OEM 80wt. - High Grade Oil

Suspension:            ProOne XP-101 Penetrating Lubricant

                                ProOne EP-2  Synthetic Grease                  

Nuts & Bolts:         ProOne XP-101 Pentrating Lubrican

Body & Paint:         ProOne Waterless Wash & Shine                                             

Metronator Lubrication Specifications